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Scheduling for band

It is POSSIBLE to take band each semester all four years and still attend the college of choice with most any major.


“The Arts are clearly an integral part of life at Harvard and Radcliffe, important for their value to the college environment and also for the potential they provide for lifelong enrichment. In addition to academic criteria, therefore, we always consider extracurricular talents and personal strengths when we evaluate a candidate’s credentials. We look for students whose previous participation in the arts shows that they can make a substantial contribution to our community.”

- William R. Fitzsimmons ~ Dean of Admissions, Harvard University


College-Bound Student Course Recommendations:

Ninth Grade

1 - English 1 (Honors)

2 - Math 1 (Honors)

3 - Earth/Environmental Science (Honors)

4 - World History (Honors)

5 - Health and Physical Education

6 - Elective

7 – Band I (Fall)

8 – Symphonic Band (Spring)


  • Students that participate in Marching Band in the Fall will receive Honors Credit for the band class they are registered for in the fall.

  • Students CAN take band in the Fall and not do Marching Band. The only difference is that they will NOT receive Honors Credit.

  • All students in the Fall band class will put on the same concerts and rehearse the same music in class.

  • Math 1 should be taken if not taken in 8th grade


Tenth Grade

1 - English 2 (Honors)

2 - Math 2 (Honors)

3 - Biology (Honors)

4 - Civics (Honors)

5 - Elective

6 - Elective

7 – Band II (Fall)

8 - Wind Ensemble (Spring)*

  • Band at West Lincoln HS should be considered a yearlong commitment.

  • Students must sign-up for 2 semesters of band each year unless there is a real academic conflict.

  • Students who have an unavoidable conflict with a class needed for graduation should work with Band Director AND Councilors to find a solution.

  • In an unavoidable academic conflict, causing student to only take one semester of band, the Spring semester is the best choice to take band class.


Eleventh Grade

1 - English 3 (Honors)/AP Language

2 - Math 3

3 - Chemistry / Physical Science

4 - American History I

5 – American History II

6 - Foreign Language (Spanish 1)

7 – Band III (Fall)

8 - Wind Ensemble (Spring)*

  • The Eleventh Grade has more AP choices/options but these are not requirements.  Many students will utilize the Honors/AP choice with Math or Science courses in Twelfth Grade as well.

  • All spots labeled as elective can also be utilized for LCS School of Technology classes

  • When following this schedule the student has the ability to take 5 elective course above and beyond taking band both semesters


Twelfth Grade

1 - English 4 (Honors) or AP Literature

2 - Discrete Math, Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, etc.

3 - Foreign Language (Spanish 2)

4 - Reserved for extra Science offering, extra Elective or extra Foreign Language

5 - Elective

6 - Elective

7 - Band IV(Fall)

8 - Wind Ensemble (Spring)*

  • Some college bound seniors may choose to take three levels of Spanish


Graduation Credit Requirements:

English: 4 Credits

Math: 4 Credits

Science: 3 Credits

Social Studies: 4 Credits

Second Language: 2 Credits

Health/PE: 1 Credit

Electives: 13 Credits

Total Credits for Graduation: 28






“Qualifications for admission to Yale College include not only the reasonably well-defined areas of academic achievement and special skill in non-academic areas, but also the less tangible qualities of capacity for involvement: commitment and personal growth. The musical arts offer remarkable opportunities for the exercise of these qualities. The highly skilled artist, the student whose intellectual interests include close study of the arts, and the many applicants who demonstrate motivation and the willingness to extend their reach through participation in the arts, all promise to enhance the quality of life at Yale.”


- Worth David ~ Dean of Admissions, Yale University

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